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How We Work:

The professionals at the Atlanta Counseling Center are passionate about serving our community through clinically sound, faith-sensitive therapy. We consider it a great privilege to meet with people from all walks of life and work together towards greater fulfillment in work, relationships, and personal health. We offer practical assessment and treatment with a deep sensitivity to each person’s spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs.
The ACC board of trustees and professional staff strive to create a place that is rich in resources for our clients. We are pleased to offer financial aid from our Client Assistance Fund when cost might otherwise prohibit someone from getting needed help. We maintain a collaborative approach to treatment which allows our multi-disciplinary team to work with individuals, couples, and families concurrently in order to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and benefit. We highly value our client’s trust in treatment and take seriously our role and responsibility in the pursuit of healing and hope.


Marriage & Family Counseling

Our professionals seek to help couples and families strengthen and repair their most vital relationships in any season of life. We can offer support for your family.

Adolescent Counseling

Young people often face challenges differently than adults, requiring specifically tailored approaches to
build trust and foster well being. Read More.

Individual Counseling

The therapists at the Atlanta Counseling Center are trained and experienced in individual counseling and will work with you to determine the best approach to meet your specific and unique emotional needs. Read More.


Workshops & Trainings

Our counselors can speak comfortably and confidently to groups of any size about today’s most pressing issues of psychological and relational health. Read More.


Faith & Spirituality

Though ACC is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination, our therapists are adept at helping
those whose faith is integral to their psychological wellbeing. Read More.


Group Counseling 

ACC offers several group counseling opportunities to compliment and support individual therapy promoting health in mind, body and spirit. Read More. 

I am a much healthier, happier individual who can weather

the storms of life and experience the beauty that life has to

offer as a result of the excellent help I received from the

Atlanta Counseling Center.

-previous client